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February Family Workshops $15/hr

Scroll down to see projects ♡
How much time should I book?

Each workshop is offered for 1 month and they fill REALLY fast. So if you see a time you want, we recommend booking asap. :)

Once you get in the studio and start creating you will see it is like a time warp! Time flies when you are having fun! As you would expect, it is really hard to know exactly how much time you will need. Every artist is different and often you may want to practice a bit before making your final piece.

But! You don’t have to complete the project in one sitting. In fact, some cannot be completed in one day. Often clay needs to be fired in the kiln before you can glaze (paint) your art. Each project has a recommended booking time and how many visits are required in the description.

Book as many days and times as you like. You have 1 month to finish each project. We will hold the project for up to 30 days from the first time you booked. After this time the step by steps and instructions will no longer be available.

*Projects must be picked up within 2 weeks after the 30 day booking period.

Adult participation required

Children aged 6-12 must come with an adult who is also registered in the workshop.  We do not have space for observers. The workshops are self-guided, children will need support from parents.  Maximum TWO children per registered adult, please.

How to book by the station

The studio is currently set up with numerous workstations that can accommodate up to 2 people. To book, choose 1 workstation for yourself OR for only $5 extra share a station with a friend. Each of you will still have your own materials & work on your own project but you will share the tablespace. Please book the appropriate number of stations for your party.

How do I book for more than 2 people?

If your party is larger than 2, please book more workstations using the quantity button. Please book the appropriate amount of workstations for your party. If you have some people who will be sharing a station, and some not, you may have to add the bookings to your cart separately (once for the sharers, once for the solos).

For example, if you have 6 people in your group, and everyone will be sharing stations, please select "yes" under sharing and select 3 in the quantity button.

If in your group of 5, you have 4 people who will be sharing, and 1 that needs their own workstation, please select "yes" under sharing and book 2 stations (add to your cart). Then, come back to the page and select "no" under sharing and book 1 more station.

Terms & Agreements (Click to Expand)
  • Any children attending are at least the minimum age for the workshop (see in product descriptions below).
  • All children attending are accompanied by an adult who is also a paid participant.
  • Workshops are charged by the hour and that I see the amount of time estimates to complete. However the amount of time will fluctuate depending on the artist.
  • All projects are completed in studio and I cannot take materials home to complete.
  • I have read the workshop frequently asked questions and polices, as seen here.
  • I acknowledge the quantity box below is the number of stations I am booking.
  • The general pick-up timelines for artwork are as follows:
    - Clay - Ready in 5 days
    - Oven-Bake Ditto Clay - Ready in 2 days
    - Paintings - Ready in 2 days

February Workshops Choices ♡

Happy February! February is the month we all start to feel that winter is never ending but at the same time we know that every day is getting us a step closer to spring. We start to long for sunshine, flowers and longer days.

Spend time in the studio this month creating workshops inspired by happiness, being together and sunny places. ☺

Happy Collection

We wanted to make our February workshops happy and colourful! The Happy Planter and Happy Paintings are hopeful and full of life.

If you are like us and really love, love love house plants, give your plant babies a beautiful home by planting them in your unique handmade Happy Planter. They are both beautiful and functional and the stoneware clay is especially durable.

And/Or choose to create and design your very own unique Happy Painting using acrylics, printmaking techniques, metallic markers and gold or silver leaf.

Recommended time: building 2–2.5 hours + glazing 1–2 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

In this clay workshop, hand-build an organically shaped large vessel using terracotta clay & then decorate using the unique sgraffito method. Jazz up your planter with super happy & colourful glazes!

Recommended painting time 2-3 hours

Find happiness in this acrylic painting workshop, by painting an organically shaped vessel on your choice of 8×8, 11×14, 14×14 or 14×18 stretched canvas using stencils and stamps, gold leaf and metallic pens. 

Together Collection

Of course, February is also the month of love. ♡♡♡

And whether we’re celebrating Valentine's solo, with our S.O. or the squad, it’s the perf excuse to come on down to the studio and hand-build your very own Porcelain Heart Bubble Mug or Love Snack serving dish.

Great date night idea or Valentine's gift! 😍

Recommended time: building 1.5–2 hours + glazing 1 hour
Sessions required: 2 or more

This is a platter designed from the heart. ♡ This Chip 'n' Dip Bowl features a wide, plain rimmed, shallow outer bowl and deeper inner heart bowl. Perfect for all sorts of dips and tortilla chips, carrots and hummus, whatever your heart  desires. Did someone say vegan Nachos? Yummmmm ♡

Recommended time: building 1.5–2 hours + glazing 1–1.5 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

Hand build your own Valentine's inspired mug from scratch and then learn how to make this lovely heart shaped handle. Next, we will bisque your mug in our clay kiln. Book to come back to the studio for another hour or so for glazing (adding colour) and learn how to create intricate patterns with bubbles! FUN!  We fire in the kiln one more time and then it is yours to enjoy.

Sunny Place Collection

Despite the chill outside, every day is a step closer to spring and the possibility of seeing the sun. It’s getting lighter outside. Only slightly, but every little helps.

With sunnier places in our hearts, choose to create this amazing I Dream in Colour painting using acrylics, modelling clay, and palette knives on stretched 14x14 canvas.

Or be inspired by the beautiful and serene gardens of Claude Monet and create your very own Koi and Lily PondDiorama using acrylics, vitreous medium and Ditto Oven Bake Clay.

Recommended painting time 2-3 hours

Create a beautiful abstract painting in our "I Dream in Colour" painting workshop! Create on a stretched 14″×14″ canvas using 4Cats acrylic paints, palette knives. Dreams come to life at the studio!

Recommended time: sculpting 1–1.5 hours + pouring 1 hour
Sessions required: 2 or more

Inspired by Monet's Koi pond. Dynamic and full of movement, paint pouring is unique from other forms of painting because it is fluid, shifting and changing in beautiful and surprising ways as you work. Mix together a combination of acrylic paint and a liquid vitreous medium to pour across wooden panel. Create your Ditto oven-bake Koi sculptures and Lily pads to add to your Monet inspired pond.

Shorties Collection

Looking for a shorter workshop? Look no more! Take a look at the February's shorties!

Choose between creating these cute Lil Lovebirds using Ditto Oven Bake Clay & Ditto tools. Or be inspired by the sunniest land of all the lands, the Land Down Under - Australia! Make happy & colourful Koalas using Ditto oven-bake clay & Ditto tools.

Recommended time: building 1 hour
Sessions required: 1

Be inspired by the sunniest land of all the lands, the Land Down Under —Australia!

Recommended time: sculpting 1-1.5 hours
Sessions required: 1

In this shortie workshop, you can create a replica of your own charming little companion or sculpt the one you dream of bringing home.

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